IT Services

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Common IT Service Examples Source Computing computer support

SCI is a single source provider for all of your technology needs.  A brief list of the most common services provided to our clients would be…

Website & Email hosting

Using a public email account like Gmail or Yahoo does nothing to promote the professionalism of your business. Let us show you how easily we can create & implement a custom domain name that ties directly into your email or website!  And as a GoDaddy Pro partner, you know your website and email are secure!

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Computer desktop support

We provide desktop support to multiple platforms (IE: Linux, MS-Windows, Apple, etc) both onsite and remotely.  Our remote support allows troubleshooting and corrections without having to be physically onsite.  This saves you both time and money!

Data Backup Solutions

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Network printer installation, support, & management

If improperly configured, shared network printers can provide on-going headaches! Let us show you how to properly configure printers into your network, and get rid of those headaches once and for all.

Malware/Virus removal and protection

Sooner or later, someone in your business will introduce a virus or malware into your network. In addition to being able to remove these, we can provide filters that block them from ever entering your network!

Internet Content Filtering and Access Restrictions

Are your employees spending excessive time surfing the web, watching videos, or downloading files?  Are you sure that customers aren’t using your WiFi improperly?  By applying content filters and access restriction to your network you can worry less about these issues and focus on your business!