Outdoor WiFi

Wide Area Outdoor WiFi
Today's networks are complex, and customers expect high speed, dependable services.  We specialize in providing wireless outdoor Internet access that will exceed client expectations.

Businesses such as marinas, air-ports, parks, churches, outdoor theaters, campgrounds, outdoor restaurants, or any business or community that caters to clients outdoors will attract more customers if Internet WiFi is available.  And and it is a service that the public now demands!  It can be a challenging task, but with the right combination of durable equipment and robust design, Source Computing can get you there.

Outdoor Internet WiFi Services

Prior to any commitment to purchase our services, we will perform an  onsite survey, and provide you with a WiFi design proposal that outlines the coverage area, estimated signal strength, hardware requirements, and estimate of costs.  Upon acceptance of the design, a finalized statement of work will be provided outlining steps in the build-out.

We provide all network hardware and software installation, and our equipment is designed for all weather conditions.  Our designs are intended to take full advantage of current and future technologies, assuring you of long term compatibility and performance.   In addition, full documentation is created for your network so that you can be confident in knowing how it works.  

Source Computing has been an industry leader for more than 25 years engineering, installing, and managing reliable networks. 

Call today at 980-552-1524 to learn more about providing this essential service to your clients!

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