VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

This technology allows you to make and receive telephone calls Source Computing affordable telephone serviceover the Internet, and has been in the mainstream now for many years.  You may also hear VoIP referred to as an Internet Telephone.  VoIP enables you to make inexpensive telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection, instead of using your regular wired telephone service.  A primary advantage of this type of service is the elimination of long distance fees.  This can result in massive savings for a Small to Medium Size Business.  If needed, you can also spread phone lines to different locations very afford-ably.  For instance, to a home or remote office, anywhere there's internet access!!

A requirement for a VoIP connection is a high quality network and internet connection.   Failure to properly prioritize and route the network traffic that carries conversations will result in poor audio and dropped calls.  If your company is interested in taking advantage of VoIP, or are not satisfied with the quality of your current VoIP service, let us help.  We will:

1) Verify that your internet service can support your needs and if not, determine what should be changed.
2) Help you to choose the correct Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Provider.
3) Implement Quality Of Service (QOS) on your network.
4) If needed, determine the type of Public Exchange Branch (PBX) that works best for you.
5) Secure your VoIP services.
6) Verify proper operation.

We can help you create a basic system, or a full blown multi-line/multiple extension exchange.  When done properly, a VoIP phone connection is reliable and clear. Contact us to learn what Source Computing can do for your business with VoIP!