WordPress Site Hardening

Protecting WordPress Websites

In late 2021, GoDaddy's Managed WordPress system was hacked, exposing over 1 million users account information.  (Learn more here).  While steps were taken to prevent a recurrence, little has been done to improve WordPress site security.  IfWordpress security from source computing you have a WordPress website, chances are that your site and information are at risk.

Source Computing can harden your website against hackers so that the site and your personal information is secure.  How do we know this?  Of all the clients we support with WordPress hosted sites, ZERO WERE AFFECTED in the above breech.  And we can provide references to prove this.

As a GoDaddy Pro and Partner, we stand behind our work.  Have questions about any of this, call or complete our Contact Us form.  We will gladly discuss your situation in detail.

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